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Parinya Loptson

Executive Chef
Owner of Ban Chok Dee Restaurant

Parinya Loptson is the Banchokdee Thai Restaurant owner, who loves sharing her gift and love of Thai Food with her guests and students. Many Thai restaurants you find in Canada will represent just one of the 4 types of cooking that Thailand is known for, but as the owner of her own place, she finds ways to present different styles of cooking from all four regions of Thailand in her menu and classes.

In her classes, she shares stories of growing up as well as stories from her other chef’s who can guide you towards using the right types of fresh herbs and spices to get to make all the flavours come to life.

Fun Cooking Classes

Having fun while you learn how to cook is our priority to you. Every week, we offer specialized classes, starting from uncovering the secrets of traditional Thai cuisine to showing you how to prepare a 100% healthy and nutritious meal for your daily workout.